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Take a class together…Learning something new together will put you in an unusual environment, a bit out of your comfort zone.

 and will make your date even more fun. What classes do we have in mind? You can go to a salsa class or a cooking class.

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You can go to an art class of some sort. Play with the idea. I’m sure there’s some sort of class in your city that both of you will find fun.

Concert…Going to a live concert can be an amazing first date. Truth be told, you probably won’t get the chance to talk a lot.

 but you’ll have a lot of fun together singing and dancing, and become closer just because of sharing this experience.

Theater or Musical…I remember when I took my husband to a musical for the very first time. He thought he was just going to do this for me once and that would be it. 

Because, seriously, a musical? I remember the look on his face once the curtain opened. He has been begging me to go with him to different musicals ever since.

Ok, it wasn’t our first date, but it would’ve been great if it was. Taking your date to the theater is so much more original than taking her to the movies. 

And if you live in cities like London or New York, there’s no way you’d be disappointed.

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A Little Secret: Most women LOVE musicals. If you’re a guy reading this article, trying to find something amazing to do on a first date, you would so blow the competition out of the water with this.

Amusement park..If you’re about to go on a date with a bit of an adrenaline junkie, an amusement park could be the best way to go.

 The lines go on and on, but you get to spend more time together than you would if you just go to dinner and you can enjoy a bunch of fun things to do. Plus, the adrenaline rush can be an amazing turn on.

Biking..You both own bikes and love to ride them? Great! Your first date is the perfect opportunity to share a hobby.

 show each other new bike trails, why not even enjoy friendly competition? Just don’t forget the protective helmets!

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Take a walk…As a dating coach, I’ve always recommended taking a walk as a first date when you’re first meeting someone you found online. 

First of all, it’s safe, especially if you choose a big park for the weekend. Second of all, it could be short or long.

you can see how it goes and decides. Third of all, you can always turn it into a coffee date or a dinner date if you really, really enjoy it.

Short trip…Do you remember that episode from “Friends” where Pete took Monica to a restaurant in Rome.

you know because they make the best pizza? Ok, taking a trip at this stage really is risky, but I’m not saying it should be something huge.

With the low-cost airlines popping up around the globe, anyone can afford to be a bit more adventurous. 

And if you don’t feel like getting on a plane, you can at least take a road trip to a nearby town.

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